The month of August comes to an end. 

Let's see how close each Ambassador is to finishing their tasks.

Amy-Ambassador for North America (amy@igem/org)

  • iGEM Digest:
    • Articles to Write
      • Mindfuel
      • Tina Lebar
    • Articles to Edit
      • Cindy Wu
    • Interview
      • Dr Zhang
  • Ambassador Activities:
    • Meetings to Discuss event in Calgary

ChenHong-Ambassador for Asia (

  • Social Media: 
    • Writing the report and newsletter of the AfteriGEM reception
    • Updated news in Wechat official account
  • AfteriGEM Event:
    • Participated in the 5th CCIC which was held in ShangHai and host AfteriGEM workshop during the CCiC
    • Arrange a talk with the senior iGEMers on business model of High school and their increased participation in the iGEM Competition
    • Finding past iGEMers and collect their information

Hassnain-Ambassador for Asia (

  • iGEM Digest:
    • Reviewing Articles
  • Invited Guest Program:
    • Get nominations from Japan
  • Communications:
    • After iGEM Campfire
  • Ambassador Activities:
    • Roundtable discussion with faculty from
      • FCCU
      • LUMS
      • CEMB

John-Ambassador for North America (

  • Materials:
    • Edit slide decks to tailor them towards Governments/Companies, and also towards After iGEM prospective members.
    • Release first update on statistics from whom the public nominated for the Invited Guest Program.
  • iGEM Digest: 
    • Help layout and produce first draft of the magazine PDF.
  • Platform:
    • Edit Platform sign-up form to reflect data-collection initiatives on members
  • Mentorship:
    • Contact Mentees for monthly chat session/update
  • Ambassador Activities:
    • Collaborate with Mindfuel Canada and Synbio Canada on a standardized initiative for Educational outreach when it comes to Synthetic Biology in Canada
    • Campfire session will be held on Thursday the 30th

Ricardo-Ambassador for Latin America (

  • Newsletter
    • Working on a couple of articles, one on the “Gathering for the development of open DIY-Bio technologies and Synthetic Biology” which he attended last week in Lima, Peru.
  • Representative Program: 
    • Reviewing applications for those interested in joining us at Synbiobeta, next month (Applications close next Monday, 3rd of September.) 
  • Invited Guest Program: 
    • Talking with key Mexican and Peruvian authorities so they can join us as guests at the iGEM Giant Jamboree.
  • Mentorship Program:
    • Reviewing questions posted from mentors and mentees
  • Latin America Initiative:
    • Contacting more latin american countries interested in hosting Synthetic Biology conferences and looking into creating new iGEM teams for the first time.

Thea-Ambassador for Europe (

  • Where Are They Now
    • Collecting contacts and details for where are they now
  • Ambassador Actitivities:
    • Preparing presentation for Parnas Conference
    • Writing reports for Skype calls with iGEM Athens, Thessaloniki, Barcelona, Navarra and Grenoble
    • Meeting with Medochemie for potential collaboration


If you plan to arrange an event in your country, talk about Synthetic Biology within the region, have an important story to share, then don't forget to email the Ambassadors on their official iGEM email addresses. Let us all work together and make a stronger community.

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Have a great week.

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