New week and new tasks,
same goals and same motivation.

Let's us see what each Ambassador has been upto this week.


Amy-Ambassador for North America (amy@igem/org)

  • iGEM Digest:
    • Writing up report for the Pacific NW Meetup in Google Docs
    • Following up with the speakers from the meetup event and getting quotes from them for “Perspectives”. Regina Wu, David, Cindy Wu
    • Interviewing Cindy Wu for the iGEM Digest.
    • Receiving the questions from Mindfuel and writing the article.
    • Interview with Tina Lebar Wednesday at 7am.
    • She is excited for the CAN-RGX project microgravity flight next week and interviewing the another participating iGEM alumni and documenting the experience for iGEM teams interested in synbio for space applications.
  • Materials:
    • Connecting with Roya, founder of a university biohacker space at Harvey Mudd to see if we can standardize materials or a how-to for approaching universities in creating iGEM spaces.
  • Ambassador Activities:
    • Working on grant and event proposal to host a Hackathon to introduce University of Calgary students to SynBio and iGEM
  • Where Are They Now:
    • Finishing the writeups to include in the next Newsletter for Where Are They Now
    • Editing the poll with feedback

ChenHong-Ambassador for Asia (

  • Social Media: 
    • Updated news in wechat official account
    • Writing the report on synthetic biology Forum updated in Google Docs
  • AfteriGEM Event:
    • deal with all the things that relative to the event.
    • Make a agenda for the event
    • Confirmed venue, facilities and design poster etc.
    • Preparing the presentation
    • Book relevant food and drink
    • Preparing for the CCiC conference. Etc.

Hassnain-Ambassador for Asia (

  • iGEM Digest:
    • Turning the Interviews into Features
      • iGEM Veteran
      • StartUps
      • Community Labs
    • Making The Feature on Brazilian Legislation on Probiotics
    • Writing a Feature on the DIYBio
    • Interview on the topic of Democratizing Science and the iGEM Competition
  • Invited Guest Program:
    • Get nominations from Japan, Pakistan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand
    • Finish the pending task of Getting The Page Up this week.
  • Communications:
    • Profiling The Mentors
    • Featuring Christopher Whitford
  • Ambassador Activities:
    • Prepare presentation decks for upcoming on-spot meetings

Holly-Ambassador for North America (

  • Ambassador Activities:
    • Attended the Pacific Northwest meetup
  • North American Initiative:
    • Working to connect the teams on the west coast with the teams in the south

Japheth-Ambassador for Africa (

  • Hivebrite:
    • Working with John to setup Survey/Poll
    • Following up hivebrite dev platform
  • Africa Congress:
    • Setting up invite list for event
    • Reaching out to alumni African teams to join delegate program
    • In contact with ACFM Egypt to help with logistics
  • Prospective Team
    • Reaching out to African Leadership University
    • Creating a survey to determine which teams can afford the cost of iGEM

John-Ambassador for North America (

  • Materials:
    • Putting the finishing touches on ‘What is After iGEM’ and ‘What is iGEM’ slide deck
    • Finish edits with Thea on Cypriot Government bound letter Invited
  • Invited Guest Program: 
    • Release Platform Page with Hassnain
    • Open public option to nominate candidates
    • Tweet and Facebook announce this opportunity ​​​​​​
  • Platform:
    • Analyze membership on the platform to determine how the ‘Where Are They Now’ team should focus their efforts
    • Complete Survey for the platform with Guilherme and Amy
  • Communications:
    • Help update Platform page with Mentor Bios
  • Ambassador Activities:
    • Plan travel itinerary to represent After iGEM at the Uppsala Symposium
    • Improve internal FAQ on how to interact with public according to pointers from Will and Meagan

Ricardo-Ambassador for Latin America (

  • Events
    • Represented the social sector at the 2nd Joint Intersecretariat’s Commission on Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms meeting in Mexico City and discussed topics surrounding biosafety policies, education, public outreach and synthetic biology.
      • Writing report on my participation at the second joint Intersecretarial Commission on Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms (CIBIOGEM) meeting in Mexico City.
  • Meeting new prospects: 
    • In the Process of designing a workshop for a group of interested High Schoolers in México city whom he met last week. They were really excited about iGEM and Synthetic Biology, Will be designing workshops for other highschools as well. 
  • Conferences: 
    • Ricardo is really eager to attend the “Meetup for the development of DIY-Bio open science technologies and Synthetic Biology” hosted by Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima Perú . He will be giving a conference on synthetic biology and the iGEM foundation as well as discussing more about their national synthetic biology strategy and prospective opportunities for collaboartion.

Thea-Ambassador for Europe (

  • Ambassador Actitivities:
    • Spanish Mediterranean meetup
  • European Initiative:
    • Rector meetings of University of Nicosia and University of Cyprus
  • Events:
    • Helping Imperial organising an event Contacting alumni

Will-Ambassador for Europe (

  • Nordic iGEM Conference
    • Will has been working on Nordic iGEM conference 2019 with local event partners Synapse, after allumni event for end of the year, has been working with
  • Fundraising and Sponsorhsip
    • Helping Danish, Swedish, German and Dutch teams on their fundraising and sponsorship applications. He has pitched at the BioBusiness Summer School CPH and arranged to present at Tech Festival in September.
  • Entrepreneurship
    • He has also been investigating new entrepreneurship mentorship program collaborations from some of the top accelerators in Europe and US.


Guilherme-Ambassador Program Coordinator (

  • Mentorship:
    • Receiving the reports describing the activities in August
    • Providing feedback regarding general questions about the competition
    • Supporting Hassnain in profiling the Mentors and communicating the team
  • Delegates:
    • Interviewing the candidates for the Convention on Biological Diversity
  • Latin America Initiative:
    • Trying to learn Spanish in one week (and failing)
    • Giving a talk at the Meeting for the Open Development of Technologies: Do-It-Yourself Biology (DIY-BIO) and Synthetic Biology and Synthetic Biology in Peru sharing the story of iGEM and SynBio in Brazil
    • Supporting Ricardo in his mission to expand iGEM for more countries in Latin America


If you plan to arrange an event in your country, talk about Synthetic Biology within the region, have an important story to share, then don't forget to email the Ambassadors on their official iGEM email addresses. Let us all work together and make a stronger community.

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Have a great week.

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