As a new week continues, all the Ambassadors are on to shaping and implementing the Programs they have been working on along with reconnecting with Alumni. We asked them to share their bullet points with us so that we could get sneak peek of their missions. 

Amy-Ambassador for North America (amy@igem/org)

  • iGEM Digest: Working on setting up interviews with iGEM Alumni for iGEM Digest.
  • Where Are They Now: Putting together a survey for the After iGEM platform
  • Ambassador Activity: She will also be going to Pacific Northwest iGEM Meetup in Seattle. If you're going there as well or are in the area do catch up with her.

Hassnain-Ambassador for Asia (

  • iGEM Digest: Interview with Peter from 2007 Slovenia team, Henric (CEO CustoMem), and David Kong for iGEM Digest
  • Invited Guest Program: Connecting with possible local stakeholders in Asia for IGP. Connected with Dr Pooh Chueh Loo for guest suggestions from Singapore.
  • Communications: Try to tell you all what's happening. You! Yes you! If you see iGEM Alumni who don't know about After iGEM, Pull Them Here! :D 
  • Ambassador Activity: He will be meeting with Dr Faisal to discuss the roadmap for iGEM/Synbio in Pakistan. He will also be meeting with iGEM Alumni from Thailand to discuss new teams.

Holly-Ambassador for North America (

  • Newsletter: Working to finish the newsletter
    Working on emailing mailchimp for sponsorship
  • Ambassador Activity: She is excited to attend the Pacific Northwest iGEM Meetup in Seattle this upcoming weekend.

John-Ambassador for North America (

  • Materials: Finishing ‘What is iGEM’ powerpoint according to chat with Guilherme. Drafting official invites for Cyprus Government with Thea.
  • Invited Guest Program - Helping people mail out invitations, Create Platform page with Hassnain
  • Platform: Hosting private Hivebrite deployment. Creating "How do you hear about us" poll with Guilherme.
  • Mentorship: In touch with UConnecticut. They’re doing well with the contacts I put them through to.
  • Campfire: Completing material and plans for the next Campfire which is scheduled for 30th August.

Rebekah-Ambassador for Asia (

  • Communications: Updating the news to the china social media.
  • Ambassador Activity: She will be attending the first Synthetic Biology development forum on Aug.15-17 which will be held in HongKong.
    She'll be continuing her work on the first AfteriGEM event in China with the help of Bluepha

Thea-Ambassador for Europe (

  • Ambassador Activity: Attended the Mediterranean Meetup in Marseille.
    Skype call with iGEM Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki)
    She has a Spanish Meetup on Monday where she will be present through Skype, a questionnaire was given for each participant to complete for our analysis and talk about after igem.
    Talking to one of team of Navarra the only Spanish team that i haven’t met.
    Contacting Euraxess Cyprus Network and talk about iGEM.
    Talking with several alumni to see where they are now and building a list.
    She will also finalize everything with University of Nicosia so that I can start organising the event in Cyprus.

Ricardo- Ambassador for Latin America (

  • Mentorship: Coordinating the program along Guilherme, receiving the feedback from teams and mentors regarding their first meeting and answering any question or issue.
  • Newsletter: Along with Holly, Ricardo is the Co-editor for the monthly After iGEM newsletter.
  • Ambassador ActivityRicardo is currently scheduling several conferences and meetings throughout Latin America, working hand in hand with alumni to assess and assist in strengthening the synthetic biology strategy for the region.

Guilherme-Ambassador Program Coordinator ( 

  • Mentorship: Receiving the feedback from teams and mentors regarding their first meeting and answering any question or issue.
  • Platform: Developing the “How did you hear about us?” poll with John
  • Materials: Looking for materials for the Educational Hub/Supporting the Brazilian Community in finishing the Brazilian How to Start an iGEM Team Guide
  • Ambassador Activity: Brainstorming with Augusto Penteriche about the first iGEM team in Rio Grande do Sul

If you plan to arrange an event in your country, talk about Synthetic Biology within the region, have an important story to share, then don't forget to email the Ambassadors on their official iGEM email addresses. Let us all work together and make a stronger community.

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Have a great week.


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