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Welcome to the our first ever Ambassadors' Stories. We thought you might like to hear about some of the exciting events, projects and experiences that we have been working as the After iGEM Ambassdor team this past month. If you have suggestion for event or activities that you think we have missed or you think we should be working on please feel free to reach out on ambassadors-2018@igem.org


EU Meet-up 2018

Amy - North America

Earlier this month, Amy had the chance to join the Southern California iGEM Meetup hosted by University of La Verne. She enjoyed meeting the teams, hearing the presentations, and playing iGEM Jeopardy. Just last weekend, Amy organized the North American iGEM Kick-Off event to facilitate the collaboration between teams from different regions within North America through web conferencing. The event also featured iGEM alumni and guest speakers who gave presentations on their stories and shared their knowledge in human practices, modeling, wiki design, communication, and entrepreneurship with the attending teams. She is currently working on the launch of the first issue of the iGEM Digest and planning a Synthetic Biology Hackathon to promote the interest in Synthetic Biology within her city. 


Hassnain - Asia

Hassnain has been working this month on setting up the iGEM Digest, along with Amy. He has also been working with John on the Invited Guest Programs to invite local and regional influencers in science, policy and entrepreneurship to have a personalized experience  the Jamboree. By the end of July, both of them will send out the Invites. In his Ambassador role, he reached out to iGEM Alumni from India and iGEM teams from Middle East and Singapore, to discuss potential After iGEM activities in the region and bringing the Synthetic Biology community together. He will also be attending the All India iGEM meetup.


Guilherme - Global co-coordinator 

In the past weeks, Guilherme has been brainstorming with John about an Educational Hub on the After iGEM Platform, a feature that will allow the community to share classes, workshops and guides with other dreamers that are teaching or learning SynBio around the world. If you have a guide about how to start an iGEM team, powerpoint presentations teaching the principles of Synthetic Biology, breathtaking Youtube videos or any other material that you would like to share with the community, please let him know. He is also coordinating the Mentorship Program with Ricardo, an initiative that will provide support and guidance for more then 20 iGEM teams this year. Meanwhile, he is organising a Synthetic Biology Hackathon (Biohack) that will gather students from all the five different regions of Brazil and develop applied solutions for the main local challenges. This two-day event will feature ten outstanding Brazilian After iGEMers as mentors or judges. These regional leaders will be the main stars of a public After iGEM Workshop discussing the current scenario for innovation and entrepreneurship in Synthetic Biology and will attend a private After iGEM reception to brainstorm about the After iGEM programs, the After iGEM community in the country and provide powerful insights for the After iGEM team. Stay tuned in our social media to follow those exciting events!


John - North America

John is currently working on establishing communications within the community. This week he will, in collaboration with Hassnain, send out letters to invite VIPs to the Giant Jamboree. Additionally, in collaboration with Japheth and HQ, he will be hosting a campfire chat for the After iGEM community on July 31st to invite the community at large to contribute suggestions on the direction it will take. Finally, on July 28th, John plans to be the iGEM representative present at oGEM in order to advise, support, and crack jokes with the Ontario teams as they participate in this year’s competition.

Rebekah - Asia

Last week, ChenHong(Rebekah) attended the first ever Eurasian meetup held in Shenzhen hosted by from BIG college (BGIC-Global iGEM) and Technology University of Delft (TU Delft iGEM). In the first day of the meetup, she represented HQ to introduce the ambassadors team, give a brief history of iGEM, share some of her own iGEM experience, and introduce the exciting new programs launched by AfteriGEM. She received phenomenal responses from team members and supervisors. In the next few weeks she will be attending the 6th Asia Pacific iGEM Conference held in Taiwan early August; first iGEM synthesis biology. 


Ricardo - Latin America

Ricardo has been buzy organizing events in Perú, Chile and Colombia for 2018 for the Latin America Initiative that consist of:

  • Giving talks on synthetic biology and the iGEM foundation.
  • Encourage the participation of more latin american teams in the iGEM competition.
  • Develop a strategy to assist new iGEM teams obtain funding from private and public institutions in their countries.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of a national synthetic biology Strategy.
  • iGEM Bootcamp for team Tec-ChihuahuaSetting up and writing news articles for July’s Newsletter.
  • Adding New interesting Groups to the Groups Tab in the After iGEM platform and adding content monthly.


Will - Europe

Will has been mostly out in the field this month, gaining insights and inspiration from the just under 80 current iGEMs teams across Europe. He is especially excited to see the results of the Bioplastics, Spider Silk, Robotics and Novel AMR projects, among others, at this year’s Jamboree. Following the ambassador kick off event in Boston at the beginning of the month, Thea and Will have meet just under 80% of the current EU teams and attended 5 Meet-Ups this season in; Lund (Thanks to Lund iGEM team) Scotland (thanks to St Andrews team) Paris (thanks to the Pasteur Team), Oxford (thanks to the SynBio UK) and Munich (thanks to Munich iGEM team). Will has also been enjoying working with the other ambassadors to expand stakeholder engagement at the Jamboree, keep track of the After iGEM communities entrepreneurial accomplishments and working on planning exciting future After iGEM events. With special thanks to Hassnain for his help with communications, John for the speedy preparation of materials and Thea for her work across the EU.

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