Usually Friday the 13th would be considered the creepiest day of the year, but this go around iGEM teams made it all about collaboration! On Friday our iGEM Ambassador Holly represented After iGEM at the iGEM Mid-Atlantic Meetup hosted by the University of Maryland. The meetup was attended by the teams: Virginia, William & Mary, Georgia State, Richard Montgomery, Maryland, US Naval Academy, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore BioCrew. The event also had two speakers, Tom Burkett and Elliot RothRoth. Our iGEM Ambassador Holly was able to attend and share more about the new programs that will be showcased throughout the year for the After iGEM platform.

Pictured above: Team UMaryland and Richard Montgumery Highschool presenting at the meetup.


Throughout the event, each team had the opportunity to present their projects and talk about what they are planning for this year's Giant Jamboree. Their respective advisors and guests provided the team's feedback, and with this valuable feedback, the students were each able to help each other improve their projects.

Pictured above: Teams Pittsburg(on left) and Virginia iGEM(on right) presenting at the meetup.

Also during the event, the guest speakers were able to give the teams some helpful insight on how to develop their projects and offered some helpful entrepreneurial insight. It truly was a great time! At the end of the event, groups agreed on taking into account not just the technical aspects of their projects, but the social implications and promises as well.

Pictured above: Teams enjoying pizza! 

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