Our iGEM Ambassador John represented After iGEM at the iGEM Midwestern Meetup hosted by Michigan State University. In total, five teams were in attendance, including: Michigan State University, Carroll High School, University of Michigan, University of Iowa, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. 

Following is a News Quote presented by Michigan State University's iGEM Team:

"In its 2nd consecutive year the North American Midwest Meetup hosted the teams, helped establish collaborations between several groups, and offered the opportunity to practice presentations. Teams toured the Michigan State lab spaces, visited garden spaces on campus, and discussed projects with one another. Thank you to all who came!"

Our iGEM Ambassador John said he really fell in love with the ice cream that Michigan State University produces and sells on campus, and cannot wait to go back to try more of the flavors. If you are feeling nostalgic for the iGEM experience, the After iGEM Platform lists Meetups that may be happening in your region at the Events page. Find old friends, or host your own, and let us know about it, so we could send an Ambassador out to your location!

Pictured: A toilet paper mummy prepared by one of the teams during a team building exercise at the Meetup.


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