After iGEM is proud to announce the newly appointed Ambassadors for 2018! The team is made up of 10 passionate iGEMers: Holly Bowman, Amy Chen, John Girgis, Chen Hong (Rebekah), Hassnain Q. Bokhari, Japheth Kelly, Will Wright, Thea Chrysostomou, Ricardo Chavez, and the team co-ordinator Guilherme Kundlatsch. The team spans 6 continents, and its goal is to promote After iGEM initiatives in all regions.

An important advantage of the program is that the Ambassadors contribute not only their own distinct perspectives and vision but also the feedback and suggestions of previous and current iGEM teams. The Ambassadors have already been attending conferences, synthetic biology summits and iGEM meetups all over the world, with representation from the team at the Nordic, Parisian, Midwestern, Scottish and German meetups.This is part of an effort to engage with the community and discuss new ways to make a positive impact through After iGEM.

To start their week at iGEM HQ, the Ambassadors traced the social path of historic iGEM teams and synthetic biology memories, including having dinner at The Cambridge Brewing Company and playing trivia at The Asgard (placing 11th out of 12 participating teams). More importantly, the team focused on what collectively they are capable of producing within the After iGEM community.

The on-site meeting allowed the Ambassadors to kick-start programs that facilitate After iGEM goals. The mentorship program which allows new and current iGEM teams to draw on the knowledge of past iGEMers’ experience in the competition was launched, with interested teams receiving their approval to the program on July 10th.

After iGEM Digest is another program kick-started by the team, and is a periodic publication which will provide a platform to showcase past iGEMers who have used their iGEM experience to make local, regional and global impact. Through the After iGEM Digest, the community at large will be able to read the success stories of iGEMers and how they see the community growing and succeeding. If you want to feature your team, what you have been upto, or if you have an amazing story to tell or an opinion to share, get in touch with the Digest team by sending an email to Look out for the first issue in the coming months!

The Ambassadors are now excited to return to their regions, continue their great work, and can’t wait to show you what other programs they have in store!

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