iGEM Safety & Security Program now supported full-time

We are happy to announce that iGEM's Safety & Security Program is now supported full time. Piers Millett -- previously of the UN Biological Weapons Convention, long-time iGEMer, and Director of the iGEM Safety & Security program -- has joined iGEM full time to lead our efforts. The Safety & Security Program ensures that iGEM's work and the work of the teams makes sense in the broader context of synthetic biology and in the world. Part of this is making sure teams’ work does not pose risks to participants, their communities, or the environment. Part of it is considering advancing technologies, regulation and policies, and changing guidelines. Through these efforts, iGEM creates a culture of responsibility around the world.

Learn more about iGEM's Safety & Security program.

Interested in joining the Safety & Security Committee? Send an email to safety@igem.org.


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