iGEM Ambassadors at the 2019 Giant Jamboree: What were they up to?

Written By: Hana Abdelzaher


The Jamboree was a blast, we hope you got the chance to experience all the activities that After iGEM had to offer during the jamboree. If you didn’t, don’t worry, here’s a recap of what happened there:

The Ambassadors’ booth:

The ambassadors’ booth was the place where iGEMers could learn all about what the ambassadors were up to during the past season as well as various After iGEM programs such as the delegate program. Our global outreach map showcased how the ambassadors travelled around the world connecting iGEM alumni and spreading iGEM awareness.

At the booth, iGEMers could also sign up for the After iGEM connect challenge, a series of mini challenges for the chance to win some After iGEM swag. Challenges included filling out the After iGEM survery, signing up to after.igem.org, updating your igem.org email and attending an After iGEM workshop. Some of the extra challenging ones were finding and chatting up an After iGEMer for 20 minutes and talking to iGEMers from each of the 6 regions around the globe. iGEMers who finished the challenge were crowned connect heroes and received some extra special After iGEM goodies.


The booth also showcased a timeline of all After iGEM activities since the inauguration of the program. iGEMers from all over the world stopped by the booth and chatted with ambassadors and program coordinators regarding all the exciting opportunities After iGEM has to offer.

Stress balls for all, the After iGEM survey:

We realize how stressful the Jamboree can be, that’s why we were handing out iGEM stress balls for iGEMers that filled out the After iGEM survey. The survey covered a wide range of aspects of the After iGEM life and was designed to gauge iGEMer interest in a wide array of After iGEM programs and initiatives. Answers we received will help shape the way After iGEM 2020 programs and initiatives will look like.


The After iGEM workshop: 

We were thrilled to host our very own workshop at the Jamboree. The workshop took place on Sunday, November 3rd and aimed to provide a walkthrough for iGEMers across the various opportunities offered by the ambassador program as well as the committees. The layout was a presentation regarding both topics followed by breakout sessions where attendees brainstormed with iGEMers. Topics included the two ambassador goals; connecting alumni and increasing iGEM and SynBio visibility as well as feedback regarding After iGEM in academia, entrepreneurship, industry, education and policy and After iGEM communications. 


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