AR-CURE: Synthetic Biology Faculty Development Workshop 2020

AR-CURE is now accepting applications for the 2020 (June 14-17) AR-CURE workshop. This is the last AR-CURE Synthetic Biology workshop.

More Information about the workshop can be found on our website:

Design and Implementation of Your Own CURE in Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology involves genetically reprogramming bacteria as functional devices for human benefit. With improvements in DNA synthesis and assembly techniques, undergraduates can design and test new DNA parts, devices, and systems with widespread applications. Through the Arkansas-CURE project, which focuses on classroom implementation and student-oriented outcomes, we have created a workshop that will help faculty start similar projects on their own campuses.​

There are no registration fees or costs associated with attending. AR-CURE provides free lodging and meals…..additionally, we will give as many travel grants (airfare) as possible. Do not let a lack of travel funds stop you from applying to attend the workshop.

Since its creation in 2016, sixty faculty from 17 states have attended the AR-CURE workshop.

If you have any questions, contact Nathan Reyna-

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