From iGEMers! LabGenius Raises $10M To Apply AI For Protein Drug Discovery

James Field recently announced via TechCrunch that LabGenius raised $10M in SeriesA Funding.

Field was a member of the 2009 iGEM Imperial Team and in advisor for the same team in 2011

LabGenius was conceived during his PhD studies at Imperial College London, where his research was focused on re-engineering protein nanocages for biotechnological applications. James formally founded LabGenius back in 2012 with the goal to use machine learning-driven evolution engine (EVA™️) to develop next generation of protein therapeutics.

“LabGenius is a full-stack protein engineering company: we combine artificial intelligence (AI), robotic automation and synthetic biology to evolve next-generation protein therapeutics,” founder and CEO Dr. James Field told TechCrunch

You can read more about the story at this link

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