Neo.Life: 25 Visions for the Future of Our Species


Wired magazine cofounder Jane Metcalfe and the former executive editor of the MIT Technology Review, Brian Bergstein, are preparing to publish Neo.Life: 25 Visions for the Future of Our Species. Metcalfe, who founded NEO.LIFE, an online publication focused on biotechnology, and Bergstein, NEO.LIFE’s editor at large, co-edited the 160 page hardcover book which is a compilation of essays, interviews, fiction and images that explores the latest developments at the intersection of technology and biology. The book taps today’s most forward-thinking researchers, inventors, authors, and artists to envision tomorrow on topics ranging from gene editing to engineered fertility, memory manipulation, longevity, and lab-grown foods, along with the ethical questions that surround these developments.

“Profound changes are coming in biotech that will inspire us to think about our future self. My aim is to create a dialogue and a community around these tools much like WIRED did with digital technology,” says Metcalfe. “We amplify the pulse of the most profound ideas and developments in biotech today.”

iGEM Human Practices Executive Committee Chair Megan Palmer contributed a piece to the book called "What Happens When Anyone Can Be a Bioengineer." In it, she calls for proactive and collaborative engagement around difficult issues. "The ability to manipulate biology is a powerful political force from the individual to the global scale. As we move toward a future when bioengineering can be practiced by anyone, we need to keep developing the culture and the incentives to ensure it is done for everyone."

The book and special rewards will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter beginning beginning January 2020 and will ship in March 2020. Sign up to get an alert when the Kickstarter goes live.


"Sign up to get an alert when the Kickstarter goes live." 

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