After iGEM in collaboration with Ontario Genomics and Genome Alberta organized an iGEM Poster Showcase at the 2019 Canada Synbio Conference in Toronto.

Canadian Teams have been an important part of the iGEM Competition. Over the last 13 years, 32 different Canadian teams have participated in the iGEM Competition. These teams together have won more than 39 awards, 31 nominations, and 10 Gold Medals.

After iGEM supported the iGEMers in Canada by facilitating their research outreach and communication through a Poster Showcase aimed to highlight the quality and breadth of research students produce through the iGEM Competiton each year, and to celebrate the Canadian Synthetic Biology Research

7 Canadian iGEM teams participated in the iGEM Poster Showcase, these teams and there projects were:

  1. Calgary iGEM 2017 Astroplastic: from colon to colony
  2. Calgary iGEM 2018 Snip, Quip, Flip: Towards a safer gene therapy
  3. Guelph iGEM 2018 E. coli and S. cerevisiae- mediated breakdown and prevention of beerstone via FRC, OXC and OxIT
  4. McGill iGEM 2018 SynNotch and Tandem ScFv in novel system granting multi-specificity to phagocytic immune cells in cancer
  5. McMaster iGEM 2018 Amyloid-beta gene-ration: Investigating Alzheimer's Amyloid-beta Aggregopathy in an E. coli system
  6. Toronto iGEM 2018 Biomass Flotation for Bioremediation Processes
  7. Waterloo iGEM 2018 E. co-light: Dynamic optogenetic control of co-culture

The 2018 iGEM Guelph team won the friend people's choice award for their poster presentation.


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