Although the 2018 iGEM Competition season is over but this year it's different. As the Jamboree came to a close, we transition towards a new journey which is After iGEM. 

During the Jamboree, the inaugural Keynote session took place in which Jason Kelly - cofounder Ginkgo Bioworks, Ingrid Pultz Chief Scientific Office PVP Biologics, Lead of Synthetic Biology at the Wyss Institute, shared their iGEM journeys, and how it influenced their current work. 


Unlike previous years, this year the iGEM season 2018 didn't end with the Jamboree instead it continued on Monday with the first ever After iGEM Summit. 

The Summit was filled with fun activities, challenges, professional perks, and advice for those who have completed iGEM’s competition-driven educational program. 

Two special panels on the global landscape of Synthetic Biology and alternate careers in Synthetic Biology provided an insight to the participants on how iGEMers had taken their experience from the Competition and applied it beyond the competition,  in their regions and careers of interest. 


Special interest group breakout sesssions on Education, Entrepreneurship, Development of Synthetic Biology Associations, Graduate School and Alternate careers saw iGEMers with shared interests get together with our Ambassadors and work towards discussing and developing strategies on the topics in their local communities. 

Not only that, a very special scavenger hunt was organized to take iGEMers who have now become a part of After iGEM to a journey that replicates the iGEM journey.


The Summit finished with iGEM VP Meagan Lizarazo sharing a toast with all the attendees and inviting them to the After iGEM community and working together, today and tomorrow.

Also! The Call for the next round of Ambassadors is open. Follow the Ambassador Program page for more information and application.



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