Well, we realize that we are a little bit late this time, but in our defence we had been working on making the After iGEM experience the best for all of you. After iGEM is about celebration of our collective iGEM and after iGEM journeys, reconnecting with old firiends, discovering new ones, identifying new opportunities and building new opportunities for the  community at large.  

Let's see take a peak on what everyone is doing right now.

Amy-Ambassador for North America (amy@igem/org)

  • iGEM Digest:
    • Finalizing the content for iGEM Digest
  • Ambassador Activities:
    • Meeting with stakeholders from Calgary to discuss iGEM Congress

Hassnain-Ambassador for Asia (hassnain@igem.org)

  • iGEM Digest:
    • Finalizing content for publication
  • Invited Guest Program:
    • Follow-up on Guest Lists from Qatar and UAE
  • Communications:
    • iGEM News
    • After-iGEM Reception with Bolt Threads during Synbiobeta
    • Mentorship Program 
  • Ambassador Activities:
    • Roundtable discussion with individuals
      • Agriculture Biotechnology
      • Science Diplomacy and Populatization

Holly-Ambassador for North America (holly@igem.org)

  • Newsletter
    • Finishing content for Newsletter
  • After iGEM Summit 
    • Working on tasks for the After iGEM Summit.
  • Ambassador Activities 
    • Event planning for Georgia.

Japheth-Ambassador for Africa (japheth@igem.org)

  • Hivebrite Platform
    • Started upload of all After-Igem Events - d. 9/20
    • Setting up digest page. Currently using Issuu
  • Africa Congress
    • Gathering invite list from pioneering African teams - namely University of the Witwatersrand and Pretoria.

John-Ambassador for North America (john@igem.org)

  • iGEM Digest: 
    • Designing the iGEM Digest magazine publication and laying it out in PDF format so that it’s as attractive as possible to our readers.
  • iGEM Forum:
    • Working on designing and hosting a forum for all-things-iGEM and After iGEM so that the online community has a central location for discussion, following advice provided during the CCiC and Pacific meetups
  • iGEM Statistics:
    • Analyzing website participation statistics in order to help focus efforts of recruiting Alumni to After iGEM

Ricardo-Ambassador for Latin America (ricardo@igem.org)

  • Newsletter
    • Working on 3 Articles for the Newsletter and looking for more opportunities
  • Invited Guest Program: 
    • Reaching out to the Mexican Youth Institute in order to invite them and show them the potential behind iGEM and finding ways to fund iGEM participants.
  • Latin America Initiative:
    • Working on the organization of a Panel and After iGEM meetup in Monterrey at the National Congress on Biotechnology, hosted at ITESM, campus Monterrey.

Thea-Ambassador for Europe (thea@igem.org)

  • Where Are They Now
    • Collecting contacts and details for where are they now
  • Ambassador Actitivities:
    • Organizing first Cypriot iGEM Symposium
    • Brainstorming on potential Ted talk in Cyprus for SynBio
    • Conversation for the EU meetup in Madrid with the organizing team
    • iGEM incorporation to University of Nicosia and Institute of Neurology and Genetics

Guilherme-Ambassador Program Coordinator/ Ambassador for Latina America (guilherme@igem.org)

  • Mentorship Program
    • Reviewing the August reports from both mentors and teams
    • Answering general questions regarding the competition
  • Educational Hub
    • Supporting the development of open materials (books and videos) to guide new iGEMers in Brazil (in Portuguese)
  • Ambassador Actitivities:
    • Support and guidance of the news teams preparing for iGEM 2019


If you plan to arrange an event in your country, talk about Synthetic Biology within the region, have an important story to share, then don't forget to email the Ambassadors on their official iGEM email addresses. Let us all work together and make a stronger community.

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Have a great week.

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