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Welcome to the iGEM Network!


The iGEM Network is a community platform developed by the iGEM Foundation for anyone who has gone through the competition since its inception in 2004. The network is a part of After iGEM, a program dedicated to over 45,000 iGEMers - students and instructors - who have participated in the program over the past 16 years.


Where are you? What are you up to? How did iGEM affect your world?


Join the iGEM Network to (re)connect with this powerful community, to join programs created exclusively for you, to take what you learned in the competition and expand that to continue to build a better world!




Other After iGEM Initiatives:

After iGEM is a way to continue to make an impact on the world. You are the leaders of the field - and we want to help you succeed. There are many initiatives and programs within After iGEM that present unique opportunities just for iGEMers. Click below to learn about each initiative. If you would like to join any of the After iGEM Programs - we are frequently updating our applications call on the Recruitment page!

  • Become champions of iGEM and Synthetic Biology in your region - Ambassador Program
  • Participate in the global conversation on Biosafety and Biosecurity - Delegate Program
  • Represent your iGEM experience at global events - Representative Program
  • Help new iGEM teams as they begin their SynBio journey - Mentorship Program
  • Share your journey with the rest of the world - iGEM Digest
  • Develop resources for the SynBio community and connect the iGEM Alumni community with the help of a passionate team - After iGEM Committees



News from the iGEM Community